Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture Of Outside And Inside A Vigina What Settings On My Digital Camera Should I Use To Take A Picture From Outside To Show Inside The Home?

What settings on my digital camera should i use to take a picture from outside to show inside the home? - picture of outside and inside a vigina

I take a picture of children who look up from the Christmas tree. I would like to view the part of the house with them in the window.


Alan B said...

Well, it's a good question. This will depend on what kind of camera you use. The lighting is difficult. Here are some tips. When recording in the house through the window, you should be careful of flash bounces on the back of the camera aperture. this can be avoided by clicking on a corner. If we do so in the night (to be) for the Christmas lights on their baby with light (sight), it is clearly visible through the window. Your Flash low-power should be adjusted to the exterior of the house a little too light. Since you have a digital camera, I suggest shooting with different settings and test them on your computer. Good luck shooting.

AntoineB... said...

You have to go through trial and error a little bit (this is why digital cameras are, after all).

But maybe I can help you with a general principle. You say you want to show a house, then you take a photo of the day. Much extraneous meaning, let alone inside.

For the former, to help the camera - trying, for example, will have a softer light on an overcast day, which makes the camera. Or in the evening you can still the house, but the outside light was considerably weakened.

then, depends on what you can do the camera. All digital SLR cameras, and most SLR-like, and some agreement allows you to play with the exposure. In this case, because the house is large and has lots of light, & #039; want excessive burden of 2 or 3 stops to the light to change through the window - and of course nothing is free, so the house a little more exposed.

Some of these cameras offer the same in-situ measurement, you tell the device to adjust the light in a specific location (windows) than the average for the entire frame.

Well, if you or come close to the sun, you probably need a tripod to hold the camera steady, and perhaps a camera that allows you (the manual exposure time, too, such as a digital SLR camera or SLR) camera want. The trick is to constantly keep the children, because if you suspend, 1:10 to start a second or even longer, small movements of the Child, will be displayed.

Bottom line: you need to replace probably 40-50 shots, until a few decent (or even good). Be patient, it is not just a shot at the right side to get (how many of those shots you see in an average year, including professional photographers ;-)

Good luck

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